The Guide

Note: All parts of the guide have been updated as of Sep 2022 after much discussion from those suffering from SOCD and my own experience. In particular I have considerably adjusted the ERP approach, as I now believe that is better to simply avoid doing any explicit rituals, rather than trying to literally do nothing, which seems to have been causing some issues for people.

This page has links to all parts of the guide, in order. You can either read through all of them and then begin to do the exercises in each unit, or do each exercise as you go through the units.

Introduction (Start Here)
1.1 The Goal
1.2 Challenging Your Beliefs
1.3 Developing A New Attitude
2.1 ERP: Your Triggers and Compulsions
2.2 ERP: Three Kinds Of Exposures
2.3 What To Expect and Your Mindset
3.1 Life Beyond Sensorimotor OCD