About Me

Hi! My name is Aadil and I live in Sydney, Australia.

I am very fortunate to be someone who had sensorimotor OCD and then recovered from it. I’ve created this website to share what I can to help others do the same.

I had minor symptoms from sensorimotor OCD for a few years, but it became really bad in 2012, when I could hardly function, and my whole day was spent with terrible anxiety about various bodily sensations. After reading some great articles online and practicing methods of CBT and ERP, I was blessed to have my life go back to normal after several months. I’ve had a couple of small ‘relapses’ along the way where I’ve fallen back into some bad patterns (and every so often I do get a bit of discomfort), but they’ve helped me reinforce the correct ways to beat sensorimotor OCD and stay free of it.

Over the years, I did try to help people with this condition online, and it seems like at least some of my advice worked. After my first ‘relapse’, I realised what I experienced and learnt can be useful to others, and so had the idea of making a small guide to over come this which would be freely available to everyone.  However it took me a long time to actually get around to writing and publishing it!

Note I am not an expert nor a clinical psychologist. I just have my own experience and that of helping a few people over the years. I appreciate any feedback and any suggestions you might have. Please visit the support page to see how you can help with feedback or with donations. 

Finally, I hope this website is useful, and all the best.